Eat Right Egg Free Cookies, Cakes & Crackers

Intolerance to eggs is reported to occur in about 0.5% of the population. Egg white contains a number of proteins (egg ovalbumin, ovomucoid, conalbumin), which are known to cause allergic reactions. (Allergy New Zealand)

Most EATRIGHT® products are egg free and suitable for those on a plant based, vegeterian diet. Three products (Energy Balls, Date+Apple, Choc-holics Cookie) are also suitable for vegans:

Eat Right Foods is a proud sponsor of World Vegeterian Day 1st October.

In customers own words...

"BINGO! I have just tried your Yogi Cookie and the taste is delicious, the texture is pleasant. Well done. From the fussiest, most particular biscuit eater you can find. You had better believe it - I have a dim view of most biscuits available. They just don't cut it for me - but this one I would buy." - Nanuje Bourke, Auckland
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